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When Daisies Pied (Chor divers)

A dancing jazz waltz for SSAA and piano, with a stylish and swinging piano part.Verlag: Oxford University Press

Eagle Songs (Chor divers)

A fun pairing of two songs that describe life from the eagle's eye. 'One Day I'll Soar' imagines thoughts of a baby eagle rhythmically pecking its way out of its shell with a quiet peck-a-peck-peck. 'I Am Eagle' describes the majestic eagle in flight,...

Follow That Star (Chor divers)

A jazz cantata, Follow that Star uses lively, contemporary language and catchy, memorable tunes. It has a lightly humorous, easy style and keeps moving energetically from beginning to end and is scored for soloists, a group of singers and whole choir,...

Andrew Lloyd Webber In Concert (Chor divers)

A magnificent salute to Broadway's 'Superstar' Ed has masterfully created a medley extravaganza featuring ten of Andrew Lloyd Webber's greatest songs. Available: SATB, SAB, Instrumental Pak (Rhythm), ShowTrax CD. Performance Time: Approx. 13:50.Verlag:...

Three Noels (Chor divers)

A perfect concert finale for choir and band, this is one of the great classics of educational music literature. This medley is now available with a new recording and includes: While By Our Sheep, Christmas Eve Is Here (Voici le NoÙl), Now We Sing of...

Happiness (Chor divers)

A simple and beautiful song meant to express happiness on the first perfect day after an especially long winter, this work will connect emotionally with everyone! An excellent showcase for treble choirs in spring concert and festival performances.Verlag:...

Star Carol (Chor divers)

A version for unison voices with a simplified piano accompaniment Also in Carols for Choirs 4.Verlag: Oxford University Press

Handbuch der chorischen Stimmbildung (Chor divers)

A: Körperhaltung, Atmung, Stimmbildung - B: Praktische Übungen - C Einsinge Übungen für besondere Probleme verschiedener KompositionenVerlag: Bärenreiter Verlag

A Place In The Choir (Chor divers)

All God's critters got a place in the choir... This happy song is a natural for kids and choreography. With combinable lines, animal sounds, and a charming setting by John Leavitt, your 'critters' will be 100% involved! Available: 2-Part. Performance...

All The Pretty Little Horses (Chor divers)

All the Pretty Little Horses is a simple and charming lullaby. Written with a whimsical accompaniment, this gentle piece lies comfortably within an octave.Verlag: Boosey & Hawkes

♫ Chor Noten Chor

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