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Disney Greats Trombone (Posaune)

Another great play-along collection of 15 Disney favorites, including: Arabian Nights - A Change in Me - Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride - I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme) - It's a Small World - Look Through My Eyes - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Where...

Anthology Vol. 3 (Posaune)

Arranged and adapted by Andrea CappellariVerlag: Edition Carisch

Solos For Trombone (Posaune)

Arthur Pryor (1870-1942) was one of the best-known trombonists and bandsmen of his day. Trombone soloist for John Philip Sousa's celebrated band beginning in 1892, he later functioned as assistant conductor of the Sousa band (1894-1903) before starting...

Concerto (Posaune)

Ausgabe für Posaune und KlavierVerlag: Universal Edition

Ave Verum Corpus (Posaune)


Six Cello Suites For Trombone (Posaune)

Bach's Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello are some of the most frequently performed and recognizable solo compositions. The six suites have been meticulously transcribed; adapting articulation, double stops, and octave shifts to help each instrument mimic...

Die Posaunenschule Band 2 (Posaunentaxi) (Posaune)

Band 2 macht schon beim Üben Spaß durch die zahlreichen bekannten Lieder und Popsongs, er baut auf Band 1 auf, kann aber unabhängig davon verwendet werden. Das Heft ist klar und übersichtlich in sechs Abschnitte gegliedert, die je eine Dur-Tonart...

The Trombone In The Attic (Posaune)

Based on the cinematic idea of a curious child climbing up to the attic and discovering a jumble of boxes, trunks, old clothes, and a long neglected instrument, this collection of short recital and study pieces evokes the spirit of musical discovery....

Andante op. 64 (Posaune)

Bass-Tuba (Posaune), KlavierVerlag: M.P. Belaieff

Grand Concerto (Posaune)

Bassoon,Trombone or Baritone and PianoVerlag: Carl Fischer

♫ Bläser Noten Posaune

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