Trumpeter (Trompete)

Blaeser Trompete Trumpeter
A trumpeter is a cavalry or artillery soldier who gives signals with a trumpet. (Gerald Barry, 1998)
This piece may be performed on any of the following instruments in different transpositions. If played by a string instrument, there should be no vibrato.
It may be played by Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, Cor Anglais, Clarinet, Basset Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Contrabassoon, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Tuba, any other Brass Band instrument, Mouth Organ, Ondes Martenot, Concertina, Bagpipes, Tubular Bells, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass.
In thinking of the register in which to play it, thought should be given to the drama and colour of the instrument involved. For example, if it were played by a Contrabassoon, the version in this edition should be transposed down two octaves and a minor 6th, so that the lowest note in the melody is B flat, the lowest note on the Contrabassoon.
Verlag: Schott Musik
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