The Latin Bass Book (E-Bass)

Gitarre E Bass E Bass The Latin Bass Book
Bass-Lines über verschiedene Chord-Progressions in den Stilen Tumbao, Brazilian, Caribbean & South American, Latin Jazz, u.a., sowie Transkriptionen von Pedro Perez,Andy Gonzalez und Oscar Stagnaro, 261 S., mit 3 CDs.

The only comprehensive book ever published on how to play bass in authentic Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Caribbean, Latin Jazz & South American styles.

- Written in the language of the working jazz musician, this book is easy to read and user-friendly. At the same time, it is the most comprehensive study of jazz harmony and theory ever published.
- Over 250 pages of transcriptions of Oscar Stagnaro playing each exercise. Learn from the best!
- Includes: 3 Play-Along CDs to accompany each exercise, featuring world-class rhythm sections: Oscar Stagnaro - bass, Rebeca Mauleón - piano, Orestes Vilato - percussion, Dario Eskenazi - piano, Mark Walker - drums
Verlag: Sher Music Co.
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