Advanced Techniques For Bass In Brazilian Music (E-Bass)

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Advanced Techniques for Bass in Brazilian Music brings a personal approach to musical ideas I have developed over more than 20 years of my career. My intention is for the student to develop these abilities by reading and practicing the written examples. If you have a difficult time sight-reading the parts, do not become discouraged. Some of the transcriptions are difficult. I recommend patience, perseverance, and lots of repetition. Obtaining perfection in music sight-reading is also a technique that is acquired over time. Do not limit yourself as a bassist to only playing the notes correctly or to only reading well. It is much more important for you to have a well-rounded understanding of the topic at hand. I have tried to organize basic information about musical styles, rhythms, and people who have stood out historically. My intention is to stimulate the bass player's interest in doing research. Get to know the records and CDs that have been important. Inform yourself about the lives and works of the composers and instrumentalists I have selected. This will complement your cultural knowledge and will have a direct and positive effect on your playing and composing. All these elements that I have just cited were fundamental to the creation of the original exercises and songs in the book. Listen attentively to the CD that accompanies the publication. It will be an important tool in the development of our studies. The pieces and exercises were played on basses of four, five, and six strings. In some musical examples, the instrument that was used in the recording is cited. Feel free to adapt the exercises to your instrument. Tune your instrument up to A= 440 Hz. I ask all left-handed bassists for their understanding and attention: The indications concerning arms and fingers refer to right-handed instrumentalists.' (Gilberto de Syllos)
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