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Noten: Porter, Cole (1891 - 1964)

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cover Cole Porter Centennial Gala Concert

Audio CD: (15. November 1991)
CD Anzahl: 1
Label: Teldec (Warner Vertrieb);
ASIN: B000000SGH

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Auf dieser CD:
1. Another Op'nin', Another Show
2. Intro
3. Always True To You In My Fashion
4. Easy To Love
5. After You, Who?
6. In The Still Of The Night
7. I Happen To Like New York
8. I Get A Kick Out Of You
9. Make It Another Old Fashioned, Please
10. What Is This Thing Called Love?
11. Where, Oh Where?
12. Begin The Beguine
13. You're The Top
14. Blow, Gabriel, Blow
15. Love For Sale
16. Every Time We Say Goodbye
17. All Through The Night
18. I Concentrate On You
19. He's The Top
20. It's All Right With Me
21. Night And Day
22. Just One Of Those Things
23. Anything Goes

cover Cole Sings Porter

Audio CD: (10. Oktober 1994)
CD Anzahl: 1
Label: Koch Inter (Koch Vertrieb);
ASIN: B000001SFU

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Auf dieser CD:
1. Maidens Typical of France
2. Never Give Anything Away
3. C'est Magnifique
4. Live and Let Live
5. I Am in Love
6. Montmart'
7. I Love Paris
8. Can-Can
9. The Law
10. Her Heart Was in Her Work
11. I Do
12. Who Said Gay Paree?
13. Entrance of Eric
14. The Kling-Kling Bird on the Divi-Divi Tree
15. When Love Comes Your Way
16. What a Nice Municipal Park
17. When Me, Mowgli, Love
18. A Picture of Me Without You
19. Everybodee Who's Anybodee
20. Sunday Morning Breakfast Time

cover Kiss Me Kate (Porter)
Gesamtaufnahme (engl.)

Audio CD: (22. Oktober 1990)
CD Anzahl: 2
Label: Hmv / (P (EMI Vertrieb);
ASIN: B000008HD3

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Auf diesen CDs: Josephine Barstow , Thomas Hampson , John Mark Ainsley , Damon Evans , Kim Criswell, George Dvorsky, Karla Burns, Robert Nichols, David Garrison, Davis Gaines, Ambrosian Chorus, London Sinfonietta, John McGlinn
1. Overture - Dirigent: John Mcglinn - Ambrosian Chorus - Chorleitung: John Mccarthy
2. Anothe Op´Nin´, Another Show/Dance
3. Why Can´T You Behave?
4. Wunderbar
5. So In Love
6. Padua Street Scene - We Open In Venice/Dance
7. Tom, Dick Or Harry
8. Rose Dance
9. I´Ve Come To Wive It Wealthily In Padua
10. I Hate Men
11. Were Thine That Special Face/Dance
12. I Sing Of Love/Dance - Tarantella
13. Finale Act I
1. Entr´Acte
2. Too Darn Hot/Dance
3. Where Is The Life That Late I Led?
4. Always True To You In My Fashion/Hornpipe Dance
5. Bianca/Dance
6. Reprice: So In Love
7. Brush Up Your Shakespeare
8. Pavane (Why Can´T You Behave?)
9. I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple
10. "Shrew" Finale - So Kiss Me, Kate/Finale - Dance/Grand Finale
11. It Was Great Fun The First Time
12. A Woman´S Career
13. We Shall Never Be Younger
14. I´M Afraid, Sweetheart, I Love You
15. If Ever Married I´M
16. What Does Your Servant Dream About?

cover Kiss Me Kate (Porter)
Gesamtaufnahme (Orig. Broadway Cast)

Audio CD: ( 6. Juli 1998)
CD Anzahl: 1
Label: Sony Class (SONY Vertrieb);
ASIN: B00002545R

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Auf dieser CD:
Alfred Drake, Patricia Morison, Lisa Kirk, Harold Lang, Thomas Holer, Don Mayo, Annabelle Hill, Lorenzo Fuller, Harry Clark, Jack Diamond, Bill Lilling, Denis Green

cover Porter: Wodka Cola

Audio CD: ( 1. Januar 1988)
CD Anzahl: 1
Label: Br (Note 1);
ASIN: B000025YP5

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Auf dieser CD:
Wodka Cola / (Leave It To Me) Musical von Cole Porter - Orchester des Staatstheaters Stuttgart mit Solisten, Chor - Dirigent Joachim Kuntzsch

cover Cole Porter : A Biography
Charles Schwartz

Taschenbuch - 365 Seiten (Mai 1979)
Da Capo Press; ISBN: 0306800977

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cover Cole Porter : Twenty-Two Clever and Funny Songs
Hal Leonard Publishing

Taschenbuch - 112 Seiten (Januar 1994)
Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation; ISBN: 0793526329

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cover The Complete Lyrics of Cole Porter
Cole Porter, Robert Kimball (Herausgeber)

Taschenbuch - 501 Seiten (September 1992)
Da Capo Press; ISBN: 0306804832

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cover You're the Top : A Love Song by Cole Porter
Katrin Thomas, Jane Handel (Herausgeber)

Gebundene Ausgabe - 64 Seiten (Februar 1999)
Simon & Schuster Books; ISBN: 0684855607

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